Access areas that will take your breath away in a Husky. Its rugged, handcrafted construction, wide-field visibility and tandem seating create an extremely comfortable and secure environment for safely flying into places other planes simply can’t. Designed to carry two individuals and a hefty cargo load, the Husky also possesses a fuel capacity that allows for full-day flying to reach the distant territories where adventures await.

When you own a Husky, you’ll long for a bigger map, more time to seek new experiences and airstrips
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Paul Nolin

Team Airpro Services
• Aerial Surveys
• Firefighting & Fire Control
• Fire Reclamation
• Aerial Hydromulching
• Forest Protection
• Brush & Noxious Plant Control
• Fertilization
• Mosquito & Other Pest Control
• Charter Air Transportation

Aviat Husky A-1C

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